Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is Your Sales Letter Optimized?

The online sales letter has gone through some interesting trends. In the early day of the Internet, sales letters were pretty much just Web-based direct mail pieces. There’s a reason for that. Actually, there are several reasons:

  • The Web was linear, just text and links
  • Marketers who were successful at writing sales letters were successful at direct mail so that’s what they new
  • People who bought into sales letter hype were responding to the newness of the Web technology
As people got more familiar, and more comfortable, with Web-based sales letters, those sales letters started converting less. Then marketers got better at driving targeted visitors and sales letter conversions increased again. Until they declined. And then podcasting took off a little bit and there was another increase in conversions before a decline. Then video. And now we’re seeing an increase in sales letter conversions again, but most for sales letters that engage their audience effectively. See the cycle?
Sale letters change. People don’t, really. There is a science to writing sales letters that convert. And a part of that science involves using search engine marketing to reach your targeted audience. Your sales letter should be optimized like a web page, but it must be interactive enough to get people interested and engaged. That requires a little study on the best techniques and approaches for the moment. Not yesterday, not last year, but right now.


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