Saturday, November 27, 2010

20 Games Paling Sering Di Download di Tahun 2010

Di akhir bulan Nopember 2010 ini bermunculan game-games PC (PC Games) yang sangat menarik untuk dimainkan. Berdasarkan tulisan dari, setiap hari setidaknya 1500 orang lebih yang mendownload masing-masing 1 game.

Masih di bulan Nopember ini, setidaknya ada 20 games yang banyak di download oleh user. Diantaranya :
  1. Super Mario Bros 3 : Mario Forever. Guide a jumping plumber past obstacles to save his true love
  2. Need For Speed Underground 2. Get behind the wheel and own the streets from dusk til dawn.
  3. Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Ultimate City Mod. Add new cars and new scenery to Vice City with this mod.
  4. Icy Tower. Help Harold the Homeboy climb huge tower without falling down.
  5. Halo : Combat Evolved. Fight for humanity against an alien onslaught.
  6. Cross Fire. Play online military first person shooter.
  7. Need For Speed Carbon. Take a spin around three tracks with three car modes.
  8. Grand Theft Auto IV. Find fortune in Liberty City with this outlaw adventure.
  9. Need For Speed Most Wanted Demo. Try both single-player and multiplayer modes in this illicit street-racing game.
  10. Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas Multi Theft Auto Mod. Compete against other players in online vehicular mayhem with this GTA:SA multiplayer mod.
  11. 123 Free Solitaire 2009. Play 12 free solitaire card games on your PC.
  12. Age Of Empires II : The Age Of Kings. Challenge yourself with this Age of Empires sequel.
  13. Plants vs Zombies. Fight battles between plants and zombies.
  14. Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Demo. Take on a rogue enemy threatening the world in this modern-war first-person shooter.
  15. Age Of Empires. Advance an entire civilization in this strategy game.
  16. Halo : Combat Evolved Custom Edition. Open up a world of new multiplayer features with Halo Custom Edition.
  17. 100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows. Participate in chess tournaments against amusing characters.
  18. San Andreas Multiplayer. Play GTA:Vice City online or via LAN connection.
  19. Grand Theft Auto III Real GTA3 Mod. Update the look and feel of GTA 3 with this add-on.
  20. Return to Castle Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory (full install). Wage war in team-based combat.


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